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Mounted in the intake and exhaust openings of a vessel, the Zazz MRC vent system removes moisture from engine compartment intake combustion air, but also performs as weather closure and fire suppressant containment device. At only 6-inches [152 mm] deep, the MRC requires minimal engine room space.

The MRC's moisture rejecting Air-Foils pivot to open and close the intake and exhaust vents. That means you won't need large, metal blanking plates to close your vents. The
MRC meets ABS regulations for marine weather closures, and is capable of withstanding over 55 PSI of direct spray in the closed position.

To open and close the MRC, a method of actuation is required. We offer three solutions:
a failsafe electrical actuator, a proportional failsafe electrical actuator, or a manual actuation cable.

In the event of a fire, the MRC also helps contain fire suppressant inside the engine compartment.

Suitable for new construction and retrofit applications, The MRC is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum to comply with United States Coast Guard 46 CFR 116.610 (b), which states: “a ventilation duct, and materials incidental to installation must be made of noncombustible material.” 46 CFR 116.610 (c) states that “combustibles and other foreign materials are not allowed within ventilation ducts".
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Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

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