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Zazz is proud to introduce the most advanced ventilation control system in the industry-- ATC.

ATC is
highly customizable and designed to work in total harmony with your vessel, keeping your engine room cool and pressure-neutral.

The ATC system consists of several products:

How ATC Works

In its Auto mode, the touchscreen and CPU enclosure work together with the temperature and pressure sensors to automatically regulate intake and exhaust airflow. By default, Auto mode starts with main engine ignition. While the engines are running, the system uses data from the temperature and pressure sensors to maintain optimal temperature and pressure. When the main engine shuts off, the system transitions into "cooldown", only turning the fans on when the engine room temperature gets too warm. Auto mode is the most efficient way to run the ATC system.

If you wish to control the system manually, ATC also has a Manual mode. In this mode you can use the touchscreen to change fan speed and direction with just a touch.

To get a look at how the different pieces of the ATC system fit together, click on the diagram below.
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All the wiring in the ATC system uses RS-485 over Modbus, a digital standard based on Ethernet. This makes installation and cabling a snap. Older analog systems can weave a tangled mess of wires in your engine room, making wiring a difficult task. ATC gives you the Zazz Advantage by greatly simplifying installation of speed drives. To find out how ATC can be customized to fit to your engine room,
click here.