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MRC - Moisture Rejection Closure

Introducing the result of over three years of design, analysis and evaluation: The Zazz MRC.

Our revolutionary new impingement filter greatly reduces moisture in engine room intake air. But that's not all the MRC can do-- it's also an ABS-tested weather closure.

The Zazz MRC meets the ABS Regulations for marine weather closures, and is more than capable of withstanding over 55 psi of direct spray in the closed position.

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ATC - Automated Touch Control

The newest addition to our product lineup is the most advanced ventilation control in the industry.

The ATC system can automatically control your engine room ventilation, giving the engines the air they need and maintaining a consistent temperature. It also gives you full manual control, if you need it.

With crisp, vibrant graphics and an easy-to-use interface, the ATC system will truly give you the Zazz Advantage.

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Axial & Contrarotating Fans

Zazz Axial Fans will blow you away! Our fans are highly customizable, available in an impressive range of sizes, horsepowers, and blade types. Our series of fans include:

FSB - Standard Blade
FQS - Quiet Sickle Blade
FFR - Fully Reversible Blade
FCR - Two-stage, Contrarotating Assembly

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Fire Dampers

We offer stainless steel, ABS approved fire dampers. Approved for fitting to class A-60 divisions bulkheads and decks.

Approval list
• Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98 /EC. Lloyds Register Group Approval to IMO
• Fire Test Procedures Code, Annex 1, Part 3, for Class A60 bulkheads and decks.
• DNV Type Approval Certificate No. F-18845.
• USCG Approved (product category 164.139).
• Germanischer Lloyds Approved to IMO Res. A.754. (18) and IMO Res. MSC61(67), Annex 1 Part 3.
• American Bureau of Shipping Approved to: 2005 Steel Vessel Rules 1-1-4/7.7.
• Corrosion Tested to BSEN 60068-2-52, severity 2 conditions.
• Vibration Tested to BS EN 60068-2-6 (5Hz to 350Hz @ 2g).